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Saturday in Ely

Today we went to Ely, which is about 15 minutes from Cambridge by train. It’s a much smaller town, but has one of the most impressive cathedrals in Britain. (Heather’s account of the visit is already up, and she has several pictures.) Since we went to evensong at King’s College chapel– which is one of the most remarkable examples of English Perpendicular architecture– it was interesting to compare them.

We biked from our house to the train station, finally found a space in the bike parking area (which is nuts), and after many minutes in line, bought tickets. This was the first time I was using the electronic ticket kiosk and my local chip-and-pin card, and with a large line behind me, I just wanted to get through the transaction as quickly as possible; as a result, I bought two one-way tickets, but at least they were to the right place.

Ely Cathedral
via flickr

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Back to Heathrow 2

Thursday Heather flew into Heathrow, so I took the bus from Cambridge to the airport, and picked her up.

Christ's Pieces
christ’s pieces, via flickr

Most of the buses in Cambridge leave from the central station on Christ’s Pieces, but the airport buses originate and terminate a couple blocks to the south, at Parker’s Pieces. Fortunately, everything’s reasonably well marked, and it’s not too difficult to find the bus you need. (The Cambridge-to-Heathrow bus seems to be the 797, which also helps.)

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First day in Cambridge!

After many months of proposals, preparation, visas, rallying parents, reassuring children, and wondering how elderly cats would handle it, I’m finally in England– in Cambridge, starting my three-month visit at Microsoft Research.

I started last night, on the evening flight out of San Francisco, and ended around dinnertime, when I got into the flat (technically a terrace house, I think) we’re subletting. About 18 hours all told, though none of it was really stressful: heavy yes, thanks to my having brought two suitcases (I am going to be here for three months, after all), but not really difficult. The bus even took me into downtown Cambridge, more or less, to the station on the edge of Parker’s Piece, rather than the car and park on the edge of town (damn you, National Express Web site– I could only buy a ticket as far as the Park and Ride on the edge of town, but the driver was fine about letting me go into city centre).

After I got things more or less sorted out I went out and wandered around the town a little. Naturally I headed for the town center, walking past St. John’s and Gonville and Caius, then up along the market.

Pictures from Cambridge

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