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I’m the author of four books, including Shorter: Redesign your Workday and Reinvent Your Life (forthcoming US | UK); Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less (US | UK); and The Distraction Addiction (US). Together, my books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. My work has been profiled in the New York Times, the New Yorker, the Financial Times, the Guardian, and other venues.

Red Bulletin March 2017

I’m founder of Strategy+Rest (updated website launching soon), a consultancy devoted to helping companies and individuals harness the power of rest to shorten our workdays, while staying focused and productive. I’ve given talks and led workshops around the world, from California to Korea to Azerbaijan.

Speaking at the School of Life, Westerkerk, Amsterdam

I’m also a visiting scholar at Stanford University. I was a postdoc at Stanford and later taught in the STS program. Maintaining an affiliation there is a low-intensity way to keep up on current scholarly and scientific trends (and of course to get access to the library and scholarly journals).


I’ve worked as a senior consultant at Strategic Business Insights, a Menlo Park, CA consulting and research firm, and before that I was a research director at Institute for the Future, a think tank in Palo Alto. Before that, I taught history of science at Williams College, UC Berkeley and UC Davis, and was managing editor of Encyclopedia Britannica.

I received a Ph.D. in history of science from the University of Pennsylvania.

The Penn campus at night

My literary agent is Zoë Pagnamenta, at the Zoë Pagnamenta Agency (here’s their contact information). For speaking, I’m represented by the Hachette Speakers Bureau (866.376.6591 or

This site is the latest iteration of a blog that started in 2002, and which I occasionally still update.

My business email is “strategy dot rest at gmail dot com”.

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