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Walking in Copenhagen this evening

Today was pretty long: we caught the 7:30 train from Aarhus to Copenhagen, I did some work at ITU for a couple hours, then I had a longer-than-expected (but quite good) meeting with a potential client. Still, after dinner I decided to take a little time to walk around the city and take some pictures.

Greetings from Copenhagen, via flickr

Since I’m staying in the same hotel I was in last year, it’s familiar territory, more or less.

The Palace Hotel

I walked out to the bridge, to see the National Library, which I’ve only seen at a distance, and keep meaning to go visit. Since it’s called the Black Diamond, you can imagine it’s not highly visible in the evening. Still, I managed to fiddle around with the camera settings, and came up with a half decent picture of it.

The National Library, via flickr

This is a tree in Tivoli, all wrapped up in lights.

A tree grows in Tivoli, via flickr

Time for bed. I’m falling asleep at the keyboard, and have meetings in the morning before I head to the airport.

This has been a very productive trip, given how short it’s been.

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  1. We missed you at the TH conference. But glad to catch up with you in Copenhagen. I especially admire your ability to take walks in the places you visit. I tend to head back to the hotel room as soon as I possibly can, where I watch TV and order room service and basically sink into a kind of blissful but catatonic solitude. But I always feel I should go out and, you know, see something.

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