I have a couple 5.11 Tactical shirts that I always travel with. I discovered them three years ago, and I still think they’re the perfect shirt.

Copenhagen, December 2004

Oxford, June 2005

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I always wear one when I fly, because it’s got fantastic pockets. The zippered one is exactly the right size for my passport, while the Napoleon pockets are good for tickets and notebooks.

London, June 2005

They can also hold maps with ease (though I confess I tend to just get a subway map, and otherwise bomb around wherever I’m at). You can even get guidebooks in the pockets, if you’re going somewhere relatively uninteresting.

London, October 2005

They’re also the Unofficial Shirt of Bay Area Futurists.

London, January 2006

Both Stewart Brand and Paul Saffo, two guys who have pretty exquisite taste, rave about them on Kevin Kelly’s cool tools blog.

Aspen, October 2006

Curiously, so far as I can recall, I discovered them completely independently of either Stewart or Paul: I was in the Royal Robbins store in Berkeley one afternoon, and just stumbled upon them.

Sydney, February 2007

I got two more for Christmas, which means I’m well-equipped for my upcoming trips to Singapore and Finland.

[To the tune of Stone Temple Pilots, “Interstate Love Song,” from the album “Thank You“.]