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Dinner tonight

I had the big performance today, a half-day workshop on the future of science parks. Afterwards we went across the street to Nelson Mandela Square– essentially a large, upscale shopping mall– to a seafood place called Montego Bay for dinner.

The bar
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Aside from the culture shock of eating dinner in South Africa in a restaurant named for a Jamaican geographical feature, it was a good time. And the seafood was really quite good.

Big seafood grill
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I loved the menu’s alternate spelling of “nigiri.”

Love the spelling of
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Afterwards I had to stop at the Seattle Coffee Co. for an espresso con pana.

Seattle Coffee Co.
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Tomorrow I head back to the States. I would have liked to have stayed longer, of course, and seen more of the country– I’ve hardly seen more than a few very unrepresentative blocks– but I’ve got to get back to the office and my regular life. And of course, when you travel for work, you actually are supposed to work; everything else is a nice extra, not a privilege.

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  1. You should go back to SA one day, it’s a great place from what I’ve seen (Cape Town mainly). Great food, great people, great countryside!

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