We held our workshop on the future of science and economic development today. It wrapped up at 5, after which I went for a swim and some time in the hot tub; I then met up with my colleagues, and we went over to Scottsdale for dinner. We first went to the Billet Bar, a biker bar in old town, for a drink. (I had a Diet Coke– I’ve pretty much given up on alcohol, as I’ve become an unaccountable lightweight.)

Billet Bar
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After that, it was to Bandera for dinner. It was really outstanding.

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It turns out that Phoenix– and in particular Scottsdale– is, in certain important respects, an economic offshoot of Southern California: according to our local host, who’s a geography professor at ASU and therefore entirely trustworthy on such matters, part of the porn industry has relocated to Phoenix, as have a number of rappers. Apparently it’s easy to get back to LA, and there are no papparazzi (sp?) here. (The Billet Bar has “Industry Nights,” which must be quite the scene.)

Not only does it have all that, but Scottsdale was also the home of Frank Lloyd Wright (in his Taliesin West phase), and is where the Taser was invented. Truly an all-American city.