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Then and now

A friend of mine– a fellow STS person, now living in China– and I were talking about losing weight. He dropped about 100 pounds in the last two years, which given my own recent experience, I find extremely impressive.

This exchange, and a friend’s recent remark that I’ve shed a roly-poly, Buddha-like personality for something more Trotskyite, made me go back and look at pictures from a couple years ago. This was in London, June 2005, at about 240:

via flickr

And Denver, December 2008 (and about 10 pounds ago), with my dad:

via flickr

Yeah, that’s different. Don’t know about Trotskyite, but definitely not the same.

It’s really interesting how much losing this weight has made me feel like a different person. Not just healthier, but fundamentally different.


  1. You do look younger, yes — and more (hmm) intellectual, yes, and more (hmm) political, yes.

  2. More political? Interesting, because I think very few American politicians
    have beards these days. Al Gore and Bill Richardson notably grew beards
    AFTER retiring from political life. And I think the last president with a
    beard was… McKinley? Cleveland?

    I wonder if the same is true for European politicians?

  3. No, not politician-like… Like a politico. Big difference.

  4. I hope it’s a good difference!

  5. Impressive! Crash diet or small steps? Method?

  6. Not crash. The big secret:
    Eat less food. That’s really it.
    I also drink vast quantities of water.
    But mainly, eat less.

    Alex (sent via iPhone)

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