From Michael Lewis:

I hoped that some bright kid at, say, Ohio State University who really wanted to be an oceanographer would read my book [Liar’s Poker], spurn the offer from Morgan Stanley, and set out to sea.

Somehow that message failed to come across. Six months after Liar’s Poker was published, I was knee-deep in letters from students at Ohio State who wanted to know if I had any other secrets to share about Wall Street. They’d read my book as a how-to manual….

The rebellion by American youth against the money culture never happened. Why bother to overturn your parents’ world when you can buy it, slice it up into tranches, and sell off the pieces?

The whole piece, of course, is fabulous and fierce– the financial journalism equivalent of a really stunning winning design on a good season of Project Runway (which my daughter is now obsessed with), delivered with the panache of Adam and Jamie demolishing an urban legend (my son is obsessed with Mythbusters).

[To the tune of Kate Bush, “Experiment IV,” from the album The Whole Story (a 3-star song, imo).]