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Eagle, grasshopper and chips

After a full day at the lab, I wandered around town a bit more, and after crossing the river found three things I’d been looking for.

The Cam
the Cam, via flickr

First was the Corpus Clock, a remarkable piece of horological technology, and a wonderful and creepy timepiece.

Corpus Clock
the Corpus Clock, via flickr

The grasshopper escarpment (it looks more like a strange dragon to me) really does look like it’s eating time.

nom nom nom, via flickr

Next was the Eagle, the pub where James Watson and Francis Crick often had lunch when working on the structure of DNA; ti’s also the first place Watson publicly presented the double helix model. There’s even a plaque on the building commemorating the event.

The Eagle
the Eagle, via flickr

I hadn’t planned on going there, but it was late, and I decided to stop in for dinner. I ordered the fish and chips, and pint of cider, all of which were excellent.

Fish, chips, and cider
fish and chips, via flickr

For a little while I debated having a second pint, then decided to come home and soak in the tub, and read Double Helix, James Watson’s account of his time in Cambridge. It was the right call. Now if I could only get to sleep earlier….


  1. Its an awesome place. Hope you enjoyed the pint!

  2. I did despite that I don’t drink – but, I was in England, at the Eagle!

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